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About US

Everyone needs an oasis of peace – a retreat where they can forget their day-to-day concerns.
You need a place where you can arrive and immediately begin to relax and feel at home.
That's the reality here.

With a degree in Design, I attach special importance to design and architecture. My husband Robert feels the same way. We were always open to new ideas, so it was clear to us from the beginning that we wanted to create a PLACE OF SLOWING DOWN: No compromises – a 100% authentic vacation spot where you can enjoy your holiday with a clean conscience!


We recognize our responsibility to the environment, and it's our intention and concern to use natural resources in a sustainable fashion. The clear, minimalistic architecture that doesn't inject itself into the landscape reflects our respect for the fantastic natural scenery which abounds here, as expressed also in our use of local materials: Our Dahoam is intended to serve as an example of how sustainability and ambitious design can be in harmony with nature.


In an age marked by an overstimulation of the senses, we long for a vacation spot where we can slow down – but without forgoing the finer things: When we go on vacation, we want to experience new things, yet still want to feel "at home." That principle is perfectly embodied in DAHOAM.


Quiet, architecture, design, sustainability, individuality, a fantastic view, an excellent starting-point for exploring the rich landscape of the Meraner Land – all under a single roof. That's what our guests find here in our two buildings.

Yours truly, the Dosser-Brunner family,

Birgit, Robert, Lena und Simon

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Dahoam Naturresidence



After an intense planning phase, we were finally able to fulfill our dream of establishing a first-rate vacation retreat in the year 2010. Our old farmhouse was the starting-point, but had to make way for our new DAHOAM – the Nature Residence characterized by high-quality architectural design and extremely innovative construction techniques.


The complex employs both active and passive solar energy, rainwater utilization, the use of our own wood from the nearby forest, all the way up to the establishment of a swimming pond maintained without chemical agents and resembling a natural body of water. Everywhere you look, you can see the value we attach to nature!

Our Nature Residence has a southern exposure and features generously proportioned glass windows. The building's compact design, the extraordinarily good thermal insulation, the use of active ventilation with heat recovery all help reduce energy requirements to a minimum. Furthermore, the rainwater is used for watering the garden and flushing the toilets, and a photovoltaic installation on the roof supplies the building with electrical energy.

Dahoam Chalet
In view of the extremely positive reception of our Dahoam Nature Residence, we wanted to further develop our sustainability concept and create yet another "home-away-from-home" for our guests. Just 600 meters away from our Dahoam Nature Residence, amidst verdant alpine meadows, we thus planned and built our modern and sustainable chalet in 2014. The typical building style seen in the village – including saddle roofs, threshing floors, and wooden facades – set the pattern, but underwent a new interpretation.

Our two chalet units display an energy-efficient and sustainable wooden design, and are located on one level with a fabulous view of the valley basin of Meran / Merano. The Dahoam chalet is optimally aligned towards the sun, is equipped with a controlled fresh air intake and exhaust air installation with CO2 sensor technology, an air heat pump, triple glazed windows for extra thermal insulation, and a wood-fired space heater. Together, they all proclaim our commitment to a sustainable use of energy resources while still guaranteeing the highest level of comfort for our guests.

Dahoam Chalet