Our Dahoam is a refuge for those seeking rest and relaxation in harmony with nature. It's a place that has been lovingly furnished for your comfort and well-being.

If you want pure relaxation, then Dahoam is the right choice for you.

Each guest has the complete freedom to spend his days at Dahoam as he wishes. The possibilities are limitless. You can snuggle up in cozy comfort indoors while the first snowflakes begin to fall outside, or (in the summer) stretch out next to our nature pool and soak up the sunshine while the sweet scent of local larch is wafted by on the breeze.

Dahoam offers a magical experience for every guest, regardless of the season.

RELAX AND UNWIND here with us at Dahoam

OUR ENGLISH GARDEN  An oasis of peace

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logo mit schwarzer schrift ohne hintergr

Whether you'd like to find a shady place under a tree, relax on the wood terrace at the nature pool, or stretch out on a recliner on our lawn – our English garden at the Dahoam Nature Residence guarantees you pure relaxation!

THE SAUNA For a healthful and relaxing experience

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In our NATURE RESIDENCE: We fire up our outdoor Finnish sauna twice a week (surcharge). A cold water shower and immersion tub provide the necessary refreshing cooling effect. You can be sure of peace and relaxation in the comfortable outdoor relaxation area.
You'll love the special atmosphere here!


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Come and immerse yourself in our refreshing swimming pond. It contains clean water featuring a variety of flora and fauna, and is maintained entirely without chemical agents. It thus provides a soothing environment for both body and spirit. The carefully selected plants in the regeneration areas ensure that the water is purified in a natural, biological manner. ENVIRONMENTALLY-SAFE and NATURAL.


fitness equipment

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You can keep fit while on vacation with our training platform for such popular fitness activities as calisthenics, Functional Training, Freeletics, CrossFit, and much more. You can exercise in the Great Outdoors, with fresh air, the sound of birdsongs, and the sun at your back. Birgit and Robert are qualified Functional Fitness Coaches and will be happy to provide you with advice!

Private SAUNA

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In the CHALET:
After an arduous bicycle tour or hike, you can really relax in the health-giving warmth of your private Finnish sauna. What better way to bring your exciting vacation day to a satisfying conclusion?

RELAX – And enjoy!

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In your modern apartment and chalet or on the spacious terrace offering a combination of laid-back relaxation and pristine alpine air, elegant architecture and, of course, a splendid view of the valley and impressive landscape.